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Minutemen Project


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Mar 31, 2005
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The Minutemen Project was setup to keep illegal immigrants from crossing the border. Why is it that Americans can come together to fight Non-Americans, or keep Non-Americans from entering our country? Why can't Americans come together and stop violence between races, stop sexism, stop murder from occurring, stop all of the injustices that occur everyday. It boggles my mind when I see things like the Minutemen Project, where normal citizens want to take up for our country, when we can't even make peace within ourselves. Same goes for the war, how can we go and fight other countries, and try to bring justice and equality, when we are an unequal and unjust country. I just don't understand it.

I believe that when we can look within ourselves, and recognize the problems that we have right here in America, and fix those problems, and end inequality, then we can look at other countries, then we can look at other people and judge them. But first we must judge ourselves, and fix our problems. Let's come together as Americans and stop the problems that exist within our society, and lets not spend more time about who we think is a threat to us. We are a threat to ourselves, the biggest threat of them all.
The minutemen project is very good for the US. illegal immigrants come into the US everyday and steal low paying from native Americans who more right to hold that job than the immigrants. and sexism and racial will never end in America or any other place in the world for that matter. Even though they are dramatic and terrible things, I highly doubt they can be ridded of. The reason to fight wars in other countries is because they have crises uncompariable to our own and need to be stopped immediately before they become a global conflict.

So once we rid the higly troubled areas of the world from conflict, then it will be easier to rid our own.

Also, unemployment rates will greatly dropp if the Minutemen Project is put into effect which could help the economy
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