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Merkel builds relations with UK (1 Viewer)


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Merkel builds relations with UK

Mrs Merkel may forge closer ties with the UK than her predecessor
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Germany can maintain close ties with both France and Britain, without undermining either relationship.
Mrs Merkel, who took office on Tuesday, was speaking at a press conference with Prime Minister Tony Blair in London.

She avoided taking sides when asked who she supported in the EU budget row that has pitted France against the UK.

Mr Blair said Britain would "use its best endeavours to get a budget deal at the December council" of the EU.

Mrs Merkel said the new German government "has a great interest in maintaining good friendly relations with France, but not just with France - but particularly with the UK".


I wonder what this Iron lady will do different. Nothing probably. Do you think Germans will not side with the US and the UK? I doubt it.

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