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Meet one of your distant ancestors:

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Dec 3, 2009
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Unless you're of African extraction, one of your distant ancestors may have looked something like this:


Anthropologists have debated for some time whether Neanderthals and homo sapiens might have interbred. Now, there is compelling evidence that they did.

Study: Neanderthal DNA Lives On in Modern Humans

The genetic information turned up some intriguing findings, indicating, for instance, that at some point after early modern humans migrated out of Africa, they mingled and mated with Neanderthals, possibly in the Middle East or North Africa as much as 80,000 years ago.
Of course our ancestors bred with Neanderthals.

That is why there are social conservatives in the world.
People today will attempt to "breed" with everything, I could have told you neanderthals and humans bred just from that alone
where do you think Cane's wife came from?
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