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McIntyre broke the Hockey Stick, now it's the IPCC's turn.

Jack Hays

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Jan 28, 2013
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The statistician who broke the Hockey Stick takes on the IPCC . . .

[h=2]Fixing the Facts 2[/h] Oct 8, 2013 – 10:36 AM
AR5 Second Order Draft (SOD) Figures 1.4 and 1.5 showed the discrepancy between observations and projections from previous assessment reports. SOD Figure 1.5 (see below as annotated) directly showed the discrepancy for AR4 without additional clutter from earlier assessment reports. Even though AR4 was the most recent and most relevant assessment report, SOD Figure 1.5 was simply deleted from the report.
Nor can it be contended that IPCC erroneously located the projections in SOD Figure 1.5, as SKS claimed here in respect to SOD Figure 1.4. The uncertainty envelope shown in SOD Figure 1.5 was cited to AR4 Figure 10.26. As a cross-check, I digitized relevant uncertainty envelopes from AR Figure 10.26 (which I’ll show later in this post) and plotted them in the figure below (A1B – red + signs; A1T orange). They match almost exactly. Richard Betts acknowledged the match here.

Figure 1. AR5 SOD Figure 1.5 with annotations showing HadCRUT4 (yellow) and uncertainty ranges from AR4 Figure 10.26 in 5-year increments (red + signs).:peace
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