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..."and rather than address the real issues" Sure, like worried about Gays and Lesbians and Transgender and Democratic people are all Pedophiles...
Gee whiz, when was the last time that Republicans talked about slave wages, our expensive health care system, lousy infrastructure, crummy public transportation
and things that REALLY affect peoples lives? The answer is Dwight Eisenhower (who definitely was not a nut) He was a real Republican ..Not these dumb asses pieces-of-shit.
Of course he lied. They'll love him for it.

Remember that anything that bothers a liberal is awesome, including killing yourself with COVID. Soooo... 🤷
Hate much?

I hate lies with ill intent. (To distinguish a white lie to cover the fact that you didn't attend the dinner party because you couldn't get two feet from the toilet).

If the same politicians or people tell the same lies over and over, getting busted again and again.... I despise their actions. "Despise" works. "Hate" is a bit much. McCarthy is a bastard.
If you can find a single post of mine that said anything good about your would be king and I will blow a donkey on main street

Congratulations on the most idiotic post of the decade.

Your post was vague and cryptic.

Maybe it's past your bedtime, eh?
These recordings of McCarthy will have legs.
201 days to do something about it.
Gotta hope the ad makers are busy.
Just wow...

I just do not understand how these politico's lie knowing that they will be found out. Before Trump the politico's hated getting caught in a lie, but know, it seems they do so with a sense of pride. Kind iif like, look at me, I can lie like Trump.

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