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Love is Everything in life


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Jun 20, 2018
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Miami, FL
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Here is a poem I wrote some 20 years ago about a woman I love more strongly than anyone I have ever loved

I Am In Love

"I am in love" is a very simple statement
And one that’s said a million times a day
And yet I know my feelings are much deeper
Than those simple words can ever say

How can I have you feel the tremors
That shake my body when I think of you?
Or have you know the awesome power
You have to take away my "blue"?

I wake up every single morning
And thoughts of you pervade my mind
I go to sleep each and every evening
And feel your soul cuddling to mine

And in between those waking moments
My heart is filled with pure and utter joy
For just the knowledge of your love for me
Makes me feel like an innocent young boy

My days are filled with brim and fervor
As everything I see or touch I like
And everyone who I meet in person
Seems to draw upon my smiling sight

I love the way you make me feel
So full of purpose and of goals
And yet I know that when I’m with you
I tend to lose my learned controls

The physical desire I feel within me
Is unlike any I have ever known before
For I dream of being deep inside of you
In mind, body, heart and soul

My love for you is endless
In fact it grows much every day
I know that as time goes forward
It will expand in every way

This love I have for you inside of me
Is greater than the one I have for my own self
As I would gladly sacrifice my very existence
If it meant your happiness and health

So when they ask "Do you truly, really love her?"
I can surely answer "Yes, I really, truly do"
For I know true love requires giving
And I am giving all I have to you.

© Copyrighted (Property of TD)
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