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Local ad HUAC HUAC meetings


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Nov 4, 2020
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So I was enjoying a nice meal at iHUAC (an "Insanely Spicy Nuclear Armageddon Implausible Burger" with gHUACamole instead of American cheese, and I splurged for the "Unlimited Freedom! Fries" because we really do have to live each day like it might be our last) ... and I see a group of people gathering in the larger gatherings section.

I played a game of wHUACk-a-mole in their little arcade after paying my bill.

As I'm about to start my car I notice someone had HUACed a bunch of Luigis on my windshield. What the fHUAC?

I take the safety off on my "Constitutional carry" GlHUAC-9 and initiate my recon mission. I discover that the "Nader's Raiders" bumper sticker is MIA from the back of my Corvair.

Not to be continued ...
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