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Lincoln Project: Broke (1 Viewer)

You guys wanna reply NOW?
You guys wanna reply NOW?

Actually I thought the ad was muddy. It didn't get the message across effectively. TLP can do a much better job of ripping him to shreds than that. Check out their, "It's Mourning In American". Masterpiece.
Painting Trump as a busto loser, the ad strikes me as a taunting victory dance, which is exactly what we need right now.

Trump and his impotent ballwashers need to be mocked and ridiculed into oblivion.

It won't be long until the word Trump is recognized almost universally as an insult, even by the people who will pretend that they never fluffed him for four years.
I mean, being a rich, successful businessman, that's his appeal.

None of that's true?

He's broke?

That's just funny.
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