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Let's cancel Christmas - Stop the crazy shopping (1 Viewer)

Jack Dawson

Dec 23, 2004
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keep the kids in school so they can get out earlier in the summer and pay their own way with summertime jobs. Hey if you want to kick Christ out of Christmas lets just close down the shopping too. God gave us the FIRST GIFT with Jesus, so if you want to stop Christ in Christmas lets stop the cash registers of those cashing in on Christmas. Seems fair to me. :rolleyes:
I agree. Christmas is under attack on two fronts. Not only is the word "Christmas" being taken down in the public. Ex: My mom works at a church daycare and isnt allowed to say Merry Christmas. That's pretty sad, but I think that even more damage is being done by some of the people that celebrate Christmas. It is too commercialized. The main part of Christmas is now the presents and Santa. There is two billion freakin' Christmas specials on this time of year and only about five of them have to with Jesus. It is time to step back and take a look at what Christmas is about. Its not Santa or a new PS2 game.
Yes, it would be wise this Christmas to not spend alot of money, especially considering the fact that the average household is $9,000 in debt.
As far as the taking christ out of christmas thing, I think that we should try to fight back and no matter what happens we must never give up. Like I have said before (and I will keep saying this), this country was founded under god and religious freedom.
Have a Merry Christmas! Oh, and If you feel left out, Happy Festivus (If you don't watch Sinfeld, you have most likely never heard of this). :D

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