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Kennedy anger:an end of institutionalized liberalism?

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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The poor Mass. senator while trying to have the Alito confirmation quashed a number of days ago, & having his "fit" of rage, spitting mad & red faced, talking about the "slavery" issue not ever being settled, to raging on, & on about working people, minorities & the poor not gonna be treated fairly IF Alito is confirmed, ..to even suggesting that children with "asthma" will die IF Alito is confirmed??? What a crackpot, like uhh who still has slaves?:smile:

Scare tactics, fear peddling, & hyperbole....geeze??

So...whats "FAIR" supposed to mean, ..is it because if people are working class, & poor, or a focus group that Alito should automatically find in "their" favor?

This is the result of the fraud, & the misrepresentation of the courts in the way Kennedy, & other liberals think because they have been invested in attempting to "institutionalize" liberalism as the law of the land for so long.

Fairness has NOTHING to do with the courts, ..rather its about INTERPRETING existing law, & NOT "making" or "INVENTING" law as many liberal judges used to do.

It is obvious that Kennedy, & other liberals will not be able to have THEIR friends on the courts NO longer legislate, or interpret things in order to kow-tow to the focus groups for political expediency any longer, ..& it must stick in Kennedy's craw now!;)
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