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Keep Freelee the Banana Girl on Youtube

Feb 20, 2016
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Freelee, an influential vegan activist shares her tips and trick to living a happy, and healthy lifestyle all without hurting any animals. Although some may view her videos created on her youtube channel, Freelee the Banana Girl to be somewhat harsh they are simply her being passionate about veganism and sharing the information she has learned with the rest of the world. Not only has this lifestyle changed her life but she has influenced millions of others lives including mine. She recommends a high carb, vegan diet and also displays some workouts she also does on a daily basis. Overall I am just explaining that Freelee is a very passionate vegan who has helped many, many people live a happier and healthier lifestyle through her youtube channel. Recently it has come to my attention that another YouTuber, blogilates, who also shares health videos with her subscribers is supposedly trying to have Freelee's channel deleted. I was shocked to discover this as she should be encouraging other heath channels on youtube instead of shutting them down. It has not been determined as to why Blogilates, Cassey Ho is trying to shut down Freelee's channel but all I know is that I would be very upset to see Freelee gone from the internet. I would really really appreciate it if you would please sign this petition and will help keep Freelee on youtube to inspire more and more people. Also just a quick note, I am not looking for Cassey's channel to be taken down I am just focused on keeping Freelee's up. Thank you and #freefreelee


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