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Katrina Devastation is President Bush’s Fault!


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Sep 11, 2005
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Even before a partial view of the desolation caused by Hurricane Katrina could be affected, the angry and lunatic Democrat left began their vilifications of Republicans. It’s as if they had their stories written and their talking-points rehearsed, before Katrina made her first landfall. All they, then, had to do was send their articles in for publication or begin their rhetoric.

Barely giving the storm a chance to move out of the area, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was ready with his hit piece (while attempting to sound Biblically ‘prophetic’) carrying the inane and non-applicable title: “For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind”. In this ostensible article, Kooky Kennedy states that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, along with—of course—President Bush, is responsible for Hurricane Katrina and her damage. Why? Answer: Because President Bush didn’t sign onto the very-badly-flawed Kyoto Treaty and because Barbour was a former RNC Chairman. The fact that Katrina appears to be the worst natural disaster in history and could not have been anticipated is of little interest to the Left. Its only concern is “How can we blame Bush for it.” Instead of working together as a country (a bizarre notion for all true New Leftist Democrats), the Dems have decided to use even this tragedy for their unconscionable puerile political purposes. The leftist New York Times, instead of proffering help, decided to critique the president’s speech on the disaster and even called it “the worst speech of his life”. Still posturing politically, no matter what the crisis? But, of course!

Further from your cite
"Sen. Charles “where’s the camera” Schumer (D-NY) is using this disaster to gain more on-the-air-time by stating: “Unless we change our policies we're not going to get the price [of gasoline] back down. And we are basically as a country—this country is sort of twiddling its thumbs while Rome burns.” Huh? What he fails to say is that it’s his and the rest of his Congressional colleagues’ job to actually PASS energy bills. "

And what you left out was than Schumer and his disgraceful democrat cronies used this disaster to try and raise funds.

Here is something to keep in mind in circumstances such as these, those who come out screaming first and the loudest about who is to blame, usually carry the biggest burden in that regard.
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