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Judge Orders Bush Warrantless Wiretap Documents Released.


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Aug 27, 2005
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These are the documents which the administration have been refusing to release, and in the judge's order, we find out the legal grounds that Bush was attempting to use in stonewalling the release of the documents. In the FOIA law, normal requests must be processed by the government within 20 days. For an expedited request, there is no explicit stipulation as to the time, so the administration made a claim that this meant that Congress, when they passed the law, intended that time involved in an expedited request should actually be greater than in a normal request. They actually had the audacity to make this argument to the court, and this argument was the basis on which the Bush administration claimed it could hold onto the documents for as long as they wished. The court, of course, shot down that argument, and now the administration must either release the documents or compile a list of what it is withholding. By the way, the next argument the administration will make before the courts is that the sky is actually green, and grass is blue.

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