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Judge blocks Confederate monument's removal


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Jan 10, 2015
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A Jefferson County Circuit judge on Monday issued a restraining order to block removal of the controversial Confederate monument near the University of Louisville.

Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman issued the order Monday morning against Mayor Greg Fischer and metro government, barring them from moving, disassembling or otherwise tampering with the 70-foot-tall monument.
Mayor unveils preservation task force amid Confederate statue debate

Way to go Judge Judy! :thumbs::thumbs:
Whenever this issue comes up, I still have to laugh out loud about the time when someone spray painted the word "racist" on a Confederate's statue.

Hmm...in the 1860's Confederacy, a guy was fighting tooth and nail to keep slavery of the black man alive and well, in addition to several other things he strongly believed in.

Racist?...do you think? How long did it take them to figure that out? ...and what if the guy instantly came alive right at that point? He would have agreed 100% with the spray painter.

It is like spray paining NAZI on Himmler's statue, or COMMIE on Lenin's. Duh?

However, that word also equally applied to most of the Yankee officers in the 1860's too.

Most people now, though would rather try and ERASE history than MAKE IT.
I tried to read the link, but the website blanked out everything to grey.

OK, I answered their silly POLL and can now read it.
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