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Joint Statement: Sudan and S. Sudan on Current Crisis


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Oct 17, 2012
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After three days of talks between Khartoum and Juba delegations , the two sides issued a joint statement received by SUNDANOW.INFO on Tuesday. following is the text of the joint statement:
H.E. Dr. Riek MacharTeny, Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan paid an official visit to Khartoum between 30th June- 2nd July 2013, accompanied by a delegation comprising a number of Ministers and Senior Officials in the Government of South Sudan, to discuss with the Government of the Sudan the recent crisis in the relations between the two countries.
During the visit, the two sides discussed the issue of implementation of the Cooperation Agreements, particularly, the security issue – that Sudan accused South Sudan of supporting its rebels that lead to the decision of Sudan to suspend the agreement between the government of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan on oil and economic matters as of 9th June 2013, and that the Sudan Ministry of Petroleum will shut down the processing and transportation
facilities in Sudan for oil received from South Sudan during a period of sixty days as from the date of 9th June 2013. The Parties also discussed at length other claims and counterclaims.

After exhaustive deliberations on items referred to above, the parties agreed on the following:
1. To refer the complaints to the agreed relevant bilateral mechanisms.
2. To reiterate their acceptance of the proposals of the AUHIP on the current stalemate, and call on the African Union and the Chairperson of IGAD, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, to expedite the immediate implementation of the AUHIP proposal.
3. To commit themselves to bilateral dialogue and discussions without prejudice to the ongoing facilitation of the AUHIP.
4. To respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of each state.
5. To refrain completely from support and harbor one another dissidents and in accordance with the Security Arrangements Agreement.
6. To normalize and promote the bilateral relations between the two states.
7. To operationalize the mechanism for implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and dispute resolution relating to the Cooperation Agreements signed in Addis Ababa on April 23rd 2013.
8. To support any peace initiatives that will bring peace and stability in the two states.
9. To finalize the outstanding comprehensive peace agreement issues: namely, borders and the final status of Abyei.
The discussions were conducted between the parties in an atmosphere of transparency and mutual frankness. The two sides expressed strong resolve in the resolution of the current crisis between the two countries in accordance with the principles of respect of each to the sovereignty of each other, the non-interference in the internal affairs of each other, the non-harboring or support to any hostile elements to each, and the continuation of cooperation in the bilateral level and that in the Joint African Mechanisms agreed by the parties.
H.E. President Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-bashir received the Vice- President of the Republic of South Sudan, who briefed H.E the President on the discussions with the First Vice President of the Republic of the Sudan and the anticipated outcome.
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