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Jesus Christ is comming to the PRAIDE


Jan 14, 2005
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I CAN NOT believe it the PAT's win the super bowl so what do they go and do !????????

The (R) Governor & the (D) Mayor thow the PAT'S a Praide on a WEEK DAY i.e this Wensday!!!.

So of course all the KIDs will not go to school and 100,000 or even millions of MEN & WOMEN will no go to WORK !!!

Now look I'm glad OUR football team won too!!!.
I thjink it GREAT / AWESOME however there is a day it's called SUNDAY we could have the PRAIDE on SUNDAY and at least our KIDS can stay in school

OUR compeny's Won't have to bear the cost of the praide !!!!!!!!.

We use to have something called a work EATHIC

library is CLOSING
Eh what's a day out of school or work people aren't machines you have to let them enjoy themselves or they won't wanna work or go to school at all
I'm not sure I see any real problems with allowing people to party a little when their team wins a major sporting event like this. Of course companies shouldn't be forced into giving people the day off either. Some things still gotta get done. And some businesses might not be able to afford eating the cost. But having your city's team win the Superbowl, The World Series or an NBA Camp. doesn't happen all the time. Let them eat cake.

I would like to say I think it seems like the riots after a major victory like this seem to be getter less and less. That's nice. Of course in Boston their reasons for not turning over any cars may be they just didn't feel like digging them out of the snow to turn them over.

Their is a time and place for every thing that's why there's a Saturday's Sunday's .
We used to be a nation with good work and school ethic's

And we must get back to it

Please don't get me wrong I love the PAT'S and I LOVE to PARTY :duel :duel
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