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Japan: radioactive water leak at Fukushima classed as ‘serious incident’


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Sep 14, 2012
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Japan: radioactive water leak at Fukushima classed as ‘serious incident’ | euronews, world news

Japan’s Fukishima nuclear plant continues to be plagued by problems.

A leak, last week, of 300 tons of highly radioactive water was originally classified as a level 1 “anomaly” – the least serious type of incident.

Now that more is known, Japan’s nuclear regulator has upgraded it to a level 3 “serious incident.”

In frustration at TEPCO’s inability to deal with a string of problems at the nuclear plant, the Japanese Government has taken over running it.

Oh boy. This is one of the last things Japan needs. It's a country in big, big problems. Huge debt, nuclear residue and a seemingly endless line of byproducts of the nuclear problems at Fukushima.
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