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It is indubitable that the United States bears the direct responsibility for victims



It is indubitable that the United States bears the direct responsibility for victims of recent terrorist acts in Madrid and London. Nobody can deny that we were the first who drew some European countries into so-called war on terrorism. And there we have the result…It is simply a bloody bath. I (as most of my friends) feel ashamed of being American. And I find nothing for our youth but the necessity of uniting our forces in order to organize mass actions of protest, directed against war in Iraq and power politics of Bush-Rice-Cheiney. I hear attempts of such actions took place in Washington, namely in front of the White House and the Pentagon, and in New York, before the office of the UN. But unfortunately these actions have always put down with a heavy hand of police. So I think we must begin our protest movement in small American towns and villages. Only there we may have great support and therefore - success. Let's do all possible to start impeachment of present US President and then - to submit Bush's case to the court. It is not enough for him to announce his resignation now.
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