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Is your wife woth more than $113.40?


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Sep 16, 2012
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Tucson, AZ
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Husband pawns wife for money to buy drugs - Emirates 24/7

A husband in Sri Lanka pawned his wife to his friend for 90 days to borrow Rs15,000 from him to buy drugs, the ‘Mirror’ newspaper has reported.

But the husband got a shock when his wife, a mother of two, refused to return to him after 90 days. Her ‘new owner’ also refused to let her go.

I'm guessing he'd have been able to get more if she cooked and did windows.
My wife would be like the Ransom of Redchief--the lender would be forgiving the debt and paying me to take her back. Of course I am kidding (except I am not--she is mean) :afraid:
ts not what the item is 'worth' but rather what the market will bear!
This thread has me thinking, I wonder how much I could sell her for. :lol:

EDIT: I just asked and apparently she is worth her weight in gold, SOLD!

You should fatten her up some before you sell her then. Every pound you can pack on is worth almost 20 grand.
Other than blowjobs and tax deductions, I don't know why he'd want to keep her around.
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