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Is Selflessness attainable?


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Aug 21, 2005
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my blue heaven
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Is selflessness attainable?
Should it be aimed for?
What are the Pros and Cons?
Whats so bad about being selfish and looking after number 1 any way?
selflessness is attainable, but it goes against human nature. The Bible teaches people to be selfless and to put people ahead of you. Also look at the Japanese and Chinese cultures. If any culture is selfless it is them. That is why they are prospering so much and why they will be the world police in 10 years. A communist economy also works in a selfless society, such as China.
The selfless are the poor, the stupid, and the inconsequential. I don't think true selfless people exist, but those who attempt to become truly selfless aren't to be respected in my opinion. Being selfless is never taking your own needs into consideration, your mind, your financial standing. It's always letting someone else have all that you've miraculously managed to grab despite your condition, and letting someone else see you as more of a resource than a person, allowing them to walk all over you. Selfless people and the society they would create is abhorrent to me.
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