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Is Our Constitution Able to Endure?


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Aug 27, 2005
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I will start this thread with a quote. I would like you to guess who said it. After a while, I will continue with the meat of my argument.

This constitution will fail, as others have before it, and that will be due to the corruption of the people, for whom in the end only despotism will serve.

Anyone know who said this?
We are living in an age where we are seeing the greatest assault on the Constitution and our way of life/freedoms by this administration than at any point in our history.
It amazes me that the George Bush apologists are willing to sit back and allow this man and his ilk whittle away at everything we have always held sacred.

The quote you refer to is from Benjamin Franklin. Another great American, Abraham Lincoln once said "Can we expect some transatlantic giant to cross the ocean and crush us with a blow? Never! If destruction be our lot, we ourselves must be it author and its finisher".

The Republican party tries to claim to be "the party of Lincoln", however, I think Abraham Lincoln would hang his head in shame at the current Republican party.

God help us if we survive the last few years of this administration.
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good ol' Benjamin Franklin, and I think he's been proven right. The constitution can only endure if its people are dedicated to it, and most people quite simply are not. People use the constitution to justify their own view, instead of using it as a democratic tool.
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