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Is it a beginning of genocide?



It is more and more frightful to live in USA. Just think of it! About a third of Americans are behind bars; and we’re heading the world list in this respect! We are the only country in the world where the death penalty for teenagers exists!
Moreover it seems to me that the racist party is in power. Those traditional WASPs are propagating national inequality again. They are so assured in their own total superiority of their race that they continue with the eugenics program without much fanfare! Does it say to you anything? It is like a selective breeding. I talk about the sterilization of those who has some genetic deceases or genetic psychical declination. But there are people instead cattle! Such experiments were held in Nazi Germany. And now Bush’s party is funding this Hitler project!
They are suggesting to isolate all Muslims during their admittance in public places or their boarding into the plane and so on. At the same time neoconservatives are putting into white people’s mind an idea about their superiority above the others and about their right to dictate other world.
Doesn’t it look like “The Rise Of The Forth Reich”?

I suggest that you live another 33 years, live in the third world for fifteen years, visit 47 states or live in them throughout your life and then rethink your position. Oh, and maybe partake in a war or two.

With that, you might just acquire the knowledge that will substantiate your position.

The USA is obviously not perfect, but in the thirty some-odd countries that I have lived in or visited, the comparison always comes out that we, by far, are the very best.

You can look at it two ways. Either we are very good and that's why we are best or they are all very bad and just because we are a bit better, it makes us the best. Regardless, we are the very best!

In my travels, I can say that I have never been in the armed services, did live in an active war zone, did hold in my hand captured documents that told of a price on my head and have had some serious attempts made on my life.

Never had any of that happen here.

I would suggest that if you had friends in the Holocaust, friends that were on both sides of the war in Europe, friends in Korea or Vietnam and most of all friends that have lived under real tyranny, then you would feel quite embarrassed over your comparison that Nazi's run out country. It's not often that somebody has had the opportunity, as you did, to make such a ridiculous statement.

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