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Ireland seperated by religion.


Jul 13, 2005
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I just recently read up on the history of Irelands seperation. And quite frankly Im very disgusted. Ireland to me is not seperated by the 'Protestants' or the 'Catholics'. To me both sides just seem to want to seperate from England.
I mean really, the I.R.A are only bombing the Protestants because there still apart of England. And even the Protestants at one time tryed to seperate from England. I think both sides are just sick of being a part of the Anglican church. The pay tithes to keep this church going, when either really want to be a part of it. And England forced Ireland to be apart of it kingdom in the first place!
"Ireland seperated by religion"
Shouldn't that read... "The world separated by religion." ?
Well I geuse, but this is the part of the world that Im focusing on.
Its' simpler than you say.
Tribalistic slimeballs like Rev Ian Paisley & Adams & Mac Guiness making a name for themselves by divide & rule & manipulating pathetic freaks of nature into blowing people up.
Rather like Immams & suicide bombers.
They are all totally pathetic. Most Muslims, Catholics & Protestants just want to go about their lives in peace.

Ask yourself what & who is Gerry Adams ?
A barman with a mouth for stirring up pointless hatred.
That's his background !
I don't really think religion is the real reason they are fighting. True, religion plays a factor, but I think its more because Ireland has such a rich history and there has always been a certain animosity between the English and the Irish so I think thats why they fight. I am Irish American myself. My great grandfather was a member of the IRA or the IRB or something like that and, generally, my family has been somewhat supportive of them, not neccesarily the terrorist bombings but the idea that Irelend could be united. I am not. I think that maybe awhile ago it might have been possible and cool but it cannot work now, unfortunately.

But you have to remember the REAL reason why young men will risk everything to fight for a cause. Its not cause they are just "terrorists" that would be oversimplifiying things. Its because people like the Orange Men marching around celeberating the defeat of The Irish. That what really pisses people off. I remember someone from my family telling me how my great grandfather jumped through a bass drum during one of their marches starting a riot (he was arrested afterwords and then deported to America. Thats why I'm american and not Irish) . Its the fact that people like them will continue to rub this stuff in their faces that will get people to take up arms and fight for nationalism. It sucks but there you have it.
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