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Iraq... Damn, Iraq again!



Iraq... Damn, Iraq again! IRAQ OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!! Damn, how long will it last? ****! That's unbearable! They harp Iraq is under control, all's quiet and no one gets killed any more, but **** it! Now, here, please watch this!

Well? What d'you think of this? No more shooting in Iraq? No more killing and blasting up? I bet you believed this dirty trickster George W. Bush!! Now, hasn't he yet understood that all lies will one day get revealed? Then why telling lies? Why not admit that - yes, it's not trouble-free in Iraq, as we would like it to be... Yes, people are dying. Coalition armored vehicles get blown up with demolition bombs and nothing can be done because Iraqi rebels have adapted for it and are now able to conduct warfare. Local - yes. But very efficacious - you can't but accept it.
vandree said:
The link is not working

That's not the only thing "not working" there....
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