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Iraq became our second Vietnam now


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There is no secret for everyone in America that Iraq became our second Vietnam now. Thousands of our coevals (maybe, as you and I) may never return home from the Middle East. At any moment your brothers and you can turn out to be among those who will be dead and gone or return home as a forgotten man as well as a cripple who importunes various health facilities, asking so necessary medical maintenance. Over 17,000 our pals have already laid down their lives in Iraq. And to what end? We give our blood for interests of the Bushes. But what about our President? He has gone over the hill and never has a whiff of gunpowder in his life! Rumsfeld's war machine is slipping now. They've met with real difficulties in recruiting process. And now military frighten us with nation-wide mobilization. But in reality they'll never be on the edge of doing it, because they are afraid of imminent outburst of public indignation. So don't afraid to support our peaceful movement and refuse to take the field! It's the only way to stop this war madness.


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More "it's just like Vietnam" band wagon talk? How dramatic. It will only become such a thing if the American public allows it to. Iraq really isn't a problem millitarily. The insurgency is more of a pain in the ass than anything else. The way I see it.....let them keep coming across the border. We'll just keep slaughtering them until Iraq gets fed up with their civillians being targeted and starts doing it by themselves.

Personally, I hope this occurs before I have to go back, but I doubt it.
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