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Investments Climate In Dubai in Long Term View


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Jun 1, 2010
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Investments Climate In Dubai in Long Term View

Political Insight by Roberto Jbili
Italy, Milano 1-06-2010
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Copy From: Investments Climate In Dubai (Roberto Jbili Political Analysis Intro By Google Sites)

The latest developments in the Global economy which was marked by the credit crisis which showed us that The main point of the Global economy was and remain to perform on credit and here we refer to the USA economy.

Dubai, from point of economic view remain to perform on same basis or on credit, not on oil income and this confirm that from point of political & economic view Dubai is influenced in a very negative way by USA economic and political policies.

This policies combine the Governament and investment markets or private business at same time via one person. as main example remain Geroge Soros which has an large influence on USA political life and at same time is an market speculator, Soros is also the kind to traders which trade on margin or on debts or credit and is well known that he made 1 Billion in 4 days on margin trading.

A result of an market speculator inside the USA governament is fannie mae e freddie mac which today are 2 Gov listed in stock market bankrupt compnaies which perform on credit and are private business via Gov.

Here, I note that The right tradition of commerce is that the Gov must only collect taxes from private business and spend this income on the country imporvments. The Gov cant be a trader, The Gov was a trader via the France economy model which made the state control the people business and get in the social communist economy and in a special mode in Russia and Middle East countries like Syria where the state made an control on private business sector.

The Gov was unable to make this companies of general state woned companies perfrom in a positive way. In Romania which is also the style of France economy there was an steel company which losing 1 Million dollar a day before Mittal bought it and made billions of dollars in profit. (company is called Metalul Galati).

in another view, The next stage of such us economy which perform without innovations or creating news things or making new things is to make things better not to make innovations.

This was noted in Dubai International Financial Centre which is very smart project but at same time there is no companies to be listed in this stock market from Dubai, The point remain that they made a thing without advanced thinking in what they will do with it or how they will make money via it, do the thing just to do it....

This kind of economic model was noted in Norway why they built an very modern country for tourism economy and they was in a huge failure coz no one has interest to make toursim in such us far country like norway which no one know anything about her culture,.

Dubai remain in negative control by the Vatican and USA or Soros negative policies in Economy & politics, in economy the results will be very negative in the next 10 years since they made negative projects via the credit they collected at a time the economy in the next 10 years will be on the tech side.

in USA, the result may be different if during last 10 years the focused on tech innovations & research at a time Dubai focused on construction and even Italy which is well known to us in the construction used Dubai to kill one of the main builders in Egypt which is Hisham Talaat Mustafa which Berlusconi and Italian senate killed him to support Wind boss which is Naguib Swaris and his political trend which is the christianity againest Islam and this is noted also in another Egyptian case in Magdi Allam which convereted himself from Islam to Christian religion.

Dubai via the Vatican or Italian influence is looking to destory the future of Dubai via George Soros which all his influence came from Italy, Italy remain to support Israel as religios project similar to Vatican & Today Italy remain with the goal to depart Dubai from USA and even to depart it from UK.

Dubai, remain with Italy also and has an large interests to be with Israel from point of military view againest Israel doing to the Emirates / Iran dispute over islands. from point of military view Russia with USA and France are all with Iran againest Emirates / Iran dispute over islands.

From point of Military view USA, Russia, France remain all With Iran againest Israel, Italy, UK, and USA remain againest Israel doing to Israel negative role on World Trade Center Attacks in 11 September 2001 since they built the project in the UK With Jews with financial interests in this events like Bloomberg & Soros.

This situation explained above will lead us to make an special view on Dubai investmnets in the following points:

1-Long Termn Economy Large View:

The economy of Dubai and the fund of 800 Billion which the Gov invest or control the free market via it will have very low return since also their investments will not be very welcome in all the economies and as a result they will have ability to invest like they want in specific economies like Italy or where the markets inside economies welcome Gov invetments and here we exlude the USA which at fiorst time was not welcoming Dubai maine ports investmnets and welcomed Dubai in Nasdaq as shareholder without control.

This point will limit the return of this fund and make it invest in very negative targets like AMD, in fact all Dubai investmnets is an sign to short this investmnet, AMD after Mubadala investmnets is down fron 12 to 2 USD before they are up.

All this is made via Italy, which at first time represent Dubai as terrorist Islam country (they make it terrorist) and after they make the USA eat Dubai money and they are in Dubai just to eat them and kill Dubai future.

From point of physical view they also will be unable to have the investor long term strategy since Italy via Freemasonry relation are between them to control them and they implicate them in terrorism like the young man which made an attack from a month in USA, then they made them pull money from USA to not be in danger doing to terrorism issue.

3-Long Termn Economy View:

Dubai will remain to import what USA innovate since they build things which other built or they do nothing new, the Dubai economy will be less attractive in technology in long term since the USA will represent an new model of tech economy which Dubai has to follow and not to innovate inside it. in other words Dubai has to import the tools and to leave them and focus on other area of economy or business and when they will return this tools willbe in result not used or in need to be used.

Dubai, also will be less attractive target as an partner of USA from point of economic and tech view, USA will not give them the tech tools to make Dubai an modern tech country and this doing to future developments of Dubai political climate which will made also Syria with Dubai and will increase the terrorism ration of Dubai in a very negative way.

terrorism is a resulte of relgion and this confirm that Dubai is in a very bade influence by Israel (Jew Lobby), Italy (Vatican) and Saudi Arabia like Prince Walid Bin Talal and all are religios projects which has little interests in technology and deep interests in religion and today Germany stand also with UK as main sponsor for this group and they pay a lot on Soros control on USA political life.

As a result, this will lead us that all the business inside Dubai will be less attractive during or after or even without Iran War. Dubai will be an center where Italy, Syria, Israel, Saudi businessmen invest (investors with black terrorist profile at USA) and this will lead us to the point that all the USA alliance will not welcome business with Dubai doing to money laundry and terrorism issue.

Who built above climate and will build it for Dubai in USA will remain also Italy & Soros which will make Dubai terrorist just to destory it and they destroyed Lebanon before, UK will have also an role there.

Example: companies with registration in Dubai Chamber of commerce will have less relations with companies with registration in USA chmabers of commerce or USA alliance chambers of commerce and this will result an failure for Dubai coz the economy of Dubai built on commerce style of UK not industrila style of Germany or innovations style of USA, or the 2 grades of export economy, first class Japan and 2 class China.

Dubai companies will have less activity in the freezone market and they have no innovations and no activity in the tech economy and on long term the Economy in my view will not USE oil, they must use processors like Intel to make the factory organize power via batteries. in other words the motore which use oil will be replayced by processors like Intel and here I note that Intel remain the world Nr.1 first investment since they will make processors of different things like factory machines and even cars and even more airplanes.

If Israel was with USA, Intel research center in Israel was to make this innovations.

As a deep result, USA will remain to control the Global economy enough time to make Dubai Economy poor, USA will have the ability even with France and Italy negative influence for 20 years to control the Globe where I expect that an last commodity cycle after the next tech one will be.

Also, France & Russia will make USA perform very well to extracr from USA the economy style and replace it with modern economy controled from point of political view via military support. France & Russia will build new Capital economy from USA. and all of us know that Capital economy is just a result of the natural develpment of the communist economy, and in this point I note that USA eonomy in big part was built by Russians which was in need for things inside Russia but the political system does not allowed them to make this innovations in Russia so they made the modernization of communist social economy in USA in Capital economy where the cash was moved from Lands to inside the banks and this built what today is called an economy perform on credit like USA, or economy perform with money inside that banks which was moved from the lands.

This is Dubai when Soros will make it like Fanne Mae example to perform on long term on credit or money inside the banks.

Final note:

I remain to consider that there is many opportunities for many investors outside of Dubai doing to political & military & financial risks in Dubai, it is not about what you trade, but with who you trade. from point of military view, Dubai may be destroyed very hard (like Lebanon which France destroyed it via Italy & Israel) in the future by Iran if they will use f-16 fgthers againest Iran. I confirm that USA has no interests to support any military action of Israel and recent news which I read today confirm that Israel is ready to take such us action just to take it without having long term results in view.

The kind of mnetary policy which is smilar to those of China where USA-Jew Lobby with all the religios part invest and control the economy under chinese official political view confirm that currency of U.A.E and other Golf countries is and will be at very huge risk to the reasons well explained above. in other words in Lebaon the currency was down during the war since the economy was controled by France & Italy same thing may happen also in Dubai if the development of military action from Israel on Iran will result an U.A.E military intervention to return the Islands at that time.

Social developments note

In Commerce Dubai will be very weak since they are in negative relation with USA confirmed by terrorist attacks, But since Berlusconi and via Hotel like Armani used in Freemasonry with terrorism projects to depart Dubai from USA and made it local religion not tech modern country, this mean also that from point of social view Italy will build the socaity in Dubai via the method called the Christian democracy or in other words they make the youth of Golf go to the Christian side via Womens with thanks of Mara Carfania efforts with Magdi Allam and Berlusconi Media effort.

This will produce an open sociaty from point of social view via womens and will produce the reasons then from point of religios view and via ill like AIDS to produce terrorist attacks and make people kill themselves, at least this womens will be used via Mousad and Israel in Dubai in business and other area of control includes funds for different persons in Dubai.
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