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Jan 29, 2005
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all right i have a serious question i have a invention and i want to get it patented and produced, iv found a company called Davidson inventegration, so fare the info iv gotten on them doesn't paint to good a picture of them. what i want to know is does any one have more info from this company are know of any ligate company's?
The first stop for checking out a company you're thinking of doing business with is to go to the Better Business Bureau. I did a quick search on "Davidson Inventegration" and found nothing.

When I googled "Davidson Inventegration", I found a business called "Davison Inventegration" and some negative info about them: (but keep in mind that even amazing trustworthy companies get negative feedback too, so grain of salt and whatnot).

08/20/2003 7:30:02 AM Bailing on Davison
I have also contracted with Davison and after a couple of months dealing with them I decided to search a little more on the net and have concluded to end our aggreement. They do not have a good track record regarding clients making any significant money at all. Sure they can present your idea to a few companys but how without showing them your product? Be leary!
Here's another complaint
Name of mass media invention promoter advertised in: Warner Cable – “Davison” Design & Development Inc.

Invention promotion services offered to be performed: Evaluate, research, license and patent, make a virtual product, proto-type, finished product and marketing for retail.

Explanation of complaint between customer and invention promoter: I was told that I needed to pay $675.00 (up front) for the Inventegration Process to start. I paid the above cost to Davison, no other money was ever mentioned that would be needed to be paid in the future. I was then informed by one of Davison’s representatives, by phone and then by company documents mailed to me, that I now needed to submit more money for a retainer fee and for royalties. There were “4” options that were presented to me, I chose option “4” the least expensive for the amount of 8,475.00 and an additional 10% of any future royalties assigned to Davison. I chose this option but did not give Davison any retainer money. When this (the above) compensation to Davison was presented to me about 2 weeks ago. I became very wary and suspicious! I stopped all communications and dealings with Davison and did not pay any more money. I wish I never paid the $675.00!

Here's Davison Inventegration's website. It looks like they work on inventions from idea to marketing. I'm not sure where you are along the stages, but my bit of advice is to make sure to keep your invention to yourself and hire a patent attorney. The patent attorney will cost somewhere between $5k-$10K but at least you know that you own full patent rights to your product. I'd be worried about handing that off to another company to get the patent done.
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