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In praise of Emagine Theaters


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Sep 3, 2010
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I don't know how many people have access to the EMAGINE THEATER chain but I try to avoid going anywhere else to see a film. The most amazing thing happened on Friday when I went to a local Emagine to see MAN OF STEEL.

One reason I went was to see the HOBBIT/SAUG trailer on the really big screen as I am a Middle-earth fanatic. It was to be on in front of the feature film. Funny thing - I saw six different trailers but no DESOLATION OF SMAUG. So after the film - which I liked a whole lot - I went to the managers office and asked about it. She told me that it was not shown in front of every showing but only in some theaters. They have over 20 of them in this place. She did say that the next time it would be shown was in 75 minutes and I was welcome to go and watch it and even stay for the film again. I could not stay that long and told her so. So she gets the projection guy who does some computer magic and tells me he just added it to a film which would start in 12 minutes and placed it first so I would not have to stay that long.

Now that is first class customer service in a league of its own.

I got home and wrote a laudatory email to the company along with the names of the people involved.

It really made my day.
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