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In pictures: The Ukrainian religious sites ruined by fighting (1 Viewer)

Some of those photos sure don’t look like “random strikes.”

And i'm sure Putzin just doesn't care.
And they don't mention the site of Babi Yar, where the Russians actually bombed and destroyed the site of the mass grave of the victims of the Ukrainian Jewish holocaust in WWII.

I'm telling you, Putin is not just evil. Something is wrong with his brain.
The Russians are still mad because in 2017 the Patriarch of the Orthodox religion in Constantinople granted the Ukraine Orthodox Church independence from the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Ukrainians grew tired of Russian intellligence agents posing as priests and dishing out Kremlin propaganda during the Sunday sermon.
They're just buildings and can be rebuilt. Frankly I prefer to direct my outrage about all those made homeless or worse than a dumb place of worship being reduced to rubble. Who gives a shit; I don't.
I can only imagine your reaction to the Notre Dame fire.

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