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In March, Putin announced a "fantastic" weapons. results? SPOILER : ULUS IS SOMALIA IN SNOW


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Sep 2, 2017
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In March, Putin announced a "fantastic" weapons. results? SPOILER : ULUS IS SOMALIA IN SNOW

In March, Putin announced a "fantastic" weapons. results? SPOILER : ULUS IS SOMALIA IN SNOW.

GREAT ARTICLE, WHICH shows what putlerstan is all about . comments ? :lamo

"In the March Address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a number of new types of weapons, including those based on new physical principles. 42.TUT.BY watched what weapons have joined the army, and which have so far remained in the project.

"Vanguard" - a missile system with the new guided warheads for missile defense breakthrough. According to the president Russian speed combat complex unit exceeds 20 m, it goes to the target as the fireball, which is the surface temperature of 1600-2000 degrees Centigrade. Winged block thus reliably controlled.
Фото: army-news.ru
The picture is illustrative. Photo: army-news.ru

In March, Putin declared that the missile complex "Avangard" put into mass production. In December, the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu at the Defense Ministry's board said that 31 missile launchers "yars" and "Vanguard" will be delivered in 2019 to combat duty. In the meantime, on the fact of the complex in the army no.

Putin said that the strategic missile complex "Sarmat" is capable of attacking targets through both the North and South Pole. When more than 200 Tons of fun missile has a short boost phase, making it difficult to intercept the missile defense facilities. The warhead is equipped with a wide range of nuclear weapons high power, including hypersonic. In addition, it is equipped with multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle.

Until troops complex "Sarmat" Not yet reached. In an interview with the newspaper "Red Star" commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces (RVSN), Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev told that throwing tests new missile complex silo-based "Sarmat" is completed and will soon begin flight tests.
Изображение: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Solid propellant motor Successor "Sarmat" So far failed to do, so the army will range silo-based liquid with heavy missiles. Rearmament will start from 2021. The first novelty has received missile regiment Uzhurskogo missile division in service which is now complex "Voevode" (according to NATO classification - SS-18 Mod.1,2,3 Satan).

Hypersonic missile "dagger" carried by the MIG-31K, is able to hit targets at ranges of 1.5 thousand km. To the purpose, it flies at hypersonic velocity exceeding sound velocity 10 times, thus also performs maneuvers on all portions of the flight path.

In March, Putin said that "Dagger" December 1, 2017 stood on duty in the Southern Military District. Later, on December 18 Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Russian aircraft armed with hypersonic "Dagger" rockets made 89 flights on patrol in the waters of the Black and Caspian Seas.
"Simply fantastic"

In March, Putin first spoke about the weapon, which he described as "fantastic". It was about an underwater drone, which can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear munitions. He is able to destroy a wide range of the body: from infrastructure to carrier battle groups.

According to experts, "Relight", presumably, performs tasks and missile defense. The power of the laser used and other characteristics of the system are not disclosed.

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