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Immigration and national security/economics


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Apr 16, 2005
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America (A.K.A., a red state)
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20% of all federal prisoners are illegal immigrants.

1 in every 3 patients who visit our hospitals without health insurance is an illegal immigrant. By our laws, the hospital still has to treat them-for free. This expense is passed on to us in the form of higher insurance, higher taxes, and higher medical costs.

Thousands of Mexican children catch buses every day across our border and attend our schools-illegally-, slow class progress to a crawl, and make it necessary for everyone who teaches or governs to learn Spanish.

Illegal immigrants who don’t go straight onto welfare or other government programs (which is about to become much easier with half-wit “no questions asked” driver’s license policies) take jobs from other people who then DO go on welfare. And the jobs these people take are only ones no one else will take because illegal immigrants have driven down the wages for the normal working people who WOULD BE doing those jobs.

Ultra-rich elitists like George Soros tend to support idiotic crusades to open up the borders partially to flaunt how wealthy (hence, immune to the effects) they are, and partially to drive down the cost of labor.

Even if you buy the myth that illegal immigrants help our economy, you must admit that they are a huge national security risk. The Minute Men have demonstrated how effectively and inexpensively a common sense border patrol can be conducted.

If we secure the borders (both), start searching Arab, Muslim, foreign men more thoroughly, screen all air cargo for weapons, seal the cockpits, and arm the pilots, we will make it nearly impossible for another 9/11 scale attack.

Was it ok for Bobby Kennedy to have a Justice Department policy of primarily checking out white men when investigating Klan violence?

I know stopping illegal immigration and looking closer at Arab Muslim foreigners would give Democrats less U.S. enemies to side with, but there is no valid logic to justify the lunacy of leaving these gaping holes in our National Security policy.

It doesn’t surprise me that the only Democrat in Bush’s cabinet -Norman Mineta- is the one having us strip search little old ladies out of political correctness.
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I agree, aquapub. I don't understand why both parties seem reluctant to tackle this problem. I can see the long term logic of President Bushes plans, but we don't have time to see if it will work. We need to stop the immigration now. I don't believe we can't find people here to do the jobs illegals do. Americans have gotten soft and lazy. They can make more money on welfare, so why should they do manual labor. When welfare reform went into effect, people who had never worked in their life found jobs. Lets stop the handouts to able bodied people and see what happens.
I totally agree;
the immigration needs to stop, even the Mexican government has recently been encouraging its people to come to the United States by printing off various guides for the easiest way to cross the border.

The whole Idea that Spanish will become America's official language in the coming years is stupid. Legal Aliens are required to take English Classes and American History classes. We will shortly become bilingual but never fully Spanish..(talking about Franklin's stupid comment in another thread)

But if we put strict laws on Immigration then people are going to argue "but this is the country of the free, why can't they have their free lives in America?"
These people are mainly the ones who have never lived in America and don't know any better.
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