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Images of violence on media


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Sep 2, 2010
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If we see the world around us we notice that it is full of crisis and conflicts. No place can be termed as free of violence and wars. People die of hunger and starvation in Africa, Palestinians become victim of violence in Gaza and West Bank, civilian casualties are still terribly disturbing in Afghanistan, and innocent people are being killed in large numbers in Pakistan and Iraq.

The electronic media has swelled in size and technology. The media has also acquired its freedom. So the occurrences in the world are shown immediately and at times live. The gruesome images of violence create very adverse effect on the minds of the viewers. The people particularly the youth are already facing problems like price-hike, joblessness, insecurity and poverty. Such exposure to violent images further aggravates their frustration. Small children are still more prone to ill effects.

The remedy is not to impose curbs on media or to switch off the TV. It is to educate and motivate your children and youth in such a manner that they may remain protected from the ill effects of images of violence. This is the only way that we may show to our younger generation the light of peace at the end of tunnel.
Light of Peace: Exposure of the Public, particularly the Youth, to images of War and Violence on Media may be counter productive for promoting World Peace.
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