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I wonder what Saakashvili can do for his opposition suppression?



Well guys not long ago I promised to my gay-friends to help some diaries printing as usual but printing-office was closed. Well, I though that anything could happen and let it pass. Look, this deal is unhasting and I decided to work it later. No such luck!
My boss from Movement for Fair Georgia gave me a task to guarantee opposition bum wad print. You know I remembered that old one office was closed and I applied for other one, it was closed, in the third one I’ve got a denial, office manager referred to official taboo! Well, I roughed a scope of printing-offices and just one took our edition by great money!
I was shocked in truth. I told with print worker and he said that some State Security officers mailed official prohibition for printing opposition and minority group and sexual minority too as you know. I think that Saakashvili got full control over Georgian printing offices!
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