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I think Mr Bush must be feeling obliged...



I think Mr Bush must be feeling obliged to Hurricane Katrina as it was just in time to push back Iraq. Of course, if only he could promptly perform the aftermath of the "ever greatest national disaster ", his job rating would be high again (now it goes 40%, according to pollingreport.com) in spite of all our terrible losses in the "new Vietnam"....
However, to the regret of Mr Bush, the sources of America are running out. US National Guard is out of home into Iraqi sands. And the reformation of medicare and police has dilapidated them both because of constant lack of finances that had been flowing away to be used for uprising democracy in Iraq and making various "orange revolutions"...... Mr Bush, You merely ignore our home problems and keep paying too much great attention to castaway Georgia and Ukraine! Taxpayers' money is misspent while people are dying right here in New Orleans! If I were You I'd leave aside all over matters and see about my own nation!
Neiron said:
Taxpayers' money is misspent while people are dying right here in New Orleans! If I were You I'd leave aside all over matters and see about my own nation!

I think President Bush does care about your nation because, after all, it is his nation as well. Fact is in 1998 the Louisiana state government had a $2 billion construction budget, but it turned out that less than one tenth of one percent of $1.98 million was allowcated to the levee improvements in the New Orleans area. But the state somehow found $22 million that same year to renovate a new home for the Louisiana Supreme Court and $35 million for an expansion to the New Orleans convention center. Why did they not improve the levees that needed improvement? The levees there were only disigned for a catagory 3, not a 4 or 5.

The louisiana state is responsible for not putting the money where was truly needed. As far as the "New Vietnam", only the left is refering to it as such, it is not. It is just a ploy to undermine the war on terror and Bush. I do not agree with all Bush does, but I feel this is a necessary war.
if i were president i'd first of all fix the levees in lousiana so tha tpeople could come back to their homes. they promissed to do so in 80 days but they'd fail because because there's no money left for it - all had gone to iraq! i bet bush jnr will follow the fate of his father who did not turn his single finger to rescue people after hurriacane andrew. sure enough he did not because he felt foreign politics more important and therefore was defeated during election to follow
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