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i recieved such a message about "the real truth about japanese king"


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Mar 29, 2006
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japanese king,who came from middle eastern hell ( after welldoers and heros destroyed his death hell) to the eastern asian after 700,B.C. HE conquered the whole china and killing out all the goodness,welldoers there,until 200 B.C. there he found a much more terrible death hell to kill all the goodness -- china

after that, this devil himself escaped to japanese islands and killed out all the inhabits there and made it to be an ultimate evil base , to kill all the goodness in this world by sending devils,ninjas to the the whole world that he can reach.and gathered all the death -exp in the global death hell he made.esp, the biggest,and cruelest death hell-china.

it's clear that he tried going near with all the chinese good dynasties ,such as tang empire,to know them ,sent devils to china area , and finally these devils killed out more than half welldoers,goodness in tang empire area ,one of them is huangcao 881 A.D. then bring back china to be a new ,more terrible death-hell. then gathered all the death experiences to the japanese king to developed himself.

he is the king of devils,devil of devils, the belial,he is the ancient devil that written in the bible as the enemy of God.

stupid portuguese,dutch, being cheated and tried going near with this devil,in 16,17th century. from them , the ancient devil knew what happening in this world,the God's son was spreading to save the world. so the devil closed the door of his evil base and studying how to do with the new situation from 1635-1867 A.D.

and he finally decided to go back,going near with western heaven and destroyed them secretly as they did in china.and try supporting stupid ,kind ones such as dutch in 17,18th century, hitler .sending a little cheatful death exp to them to kill all the welldoers,and most important , killing out their ultimate enemy the christians and the jews.so they now go so near with western world and with most desure to go near the greatest of west using their poor kindness to kill them.

to destroy western heaven that made by god's son ,and killing the whole humanity and back to heaven to kill god.

japanese king ,he is the headstream and maker of humanities' 9000 years disasters. he gathered all the death experiences in this world , to going near and know ,then killing every goodness secretly.

he is the ultimate evil leader of all the evil power in this world in this 9000 years.it's him who made WW1,WW2 and killed the welldoers by his stupid western german servent .
all the chinese in chinese death hell ,in fact , is under his leading, as japanese( they are all evil chinese indeed),not under the leading of chinese king in their deep heart in this two thousands years.

and to see what japanese and japanese army doing in japan,china,brazil,iraq, the whole world secretly! this devil wanting to kill the whole humanity and back to universal heaven to kill god !!!!! wake up,poor humanity, to know who is the god's enemy, really.he is the satan.
Do you, by chance, have a newsletter?

there are four books recording the whole humanities' all,they are books of
"life","death","evil" and "goodness",japanese king having the "death",and "evil" books.he
collected all the details how to kill all the good ones in a book named "death of
humanity",and developed the skills by the war and death in confilication he made by his
evil servants worldwide for more than four thousands years.
and collected all the evil this world in his book "evil of humanity" ,and practiced to
develop it everyday. chinese and japanese under his leading causing everyone ' death by
this secretly.
in thousands years. example, once this devils' king saw the portuguese at the first time, he
had already exert his strenght to lock poor kind portuguese by his "death book" secrectly,
after contaction , his ability killing portuguese becoming more and more great and easy,
you can see now, portuguese had completely become his death servant under his ultimate evil
power.the same as idiot dutch.

and the king of devils now can controling them and killing them at any time and occupied all
portuguese places .and from killing portuguese, king of devils can develop the theory that
how can kill the nations near portuguese such as spanish,and english ,yes, he can kill
anything that god created if he contacting them after a period of time by knowing them. and
poor stupid americans still dying ,being cheated by this ancient devil, and we are all dying
on this planet because of the "greatest americans"' stupidity.but in fact,ancient devil had
already have the ability killing this **** "cheated greatest one" after knowing him.
wake up, poor humanity,i beg you. for god hope that you can end his work,not the current
situation dying of us.

yes,the king of devils having his attactions and cheatful faces on every productions he made
above god's creation.that we all having the cheatful "peacement " as today. but in fact,our
death is near.

you must know, the ancient devil had already got all the death exps of every nations in the
chinese death hell he made. and this great devil still trying to confirm all them in the new
death hell he making ---western world.he also ultimately controled the world as god ,all the
enimity such as the cold war, he were the controler as he did past.certainly, he can't be
same powerful as god ,that's why he must trying his best now.

he collected all the god's sons'death experiences, only having one purpose, winning the
final war and reaching the whole humanities' death ,end all the goodness' life as that he
did in chinese death hell. back to heaven to kill god. and, we are now at the time of end.
his books of "death and evil " can make out the great dark sword of this world,everyone need it to rise up his own power against others .

kings need it to confirm it's rule.losers need it to back to defeat his enemy.winners need it to win more. so the ancient devil --- japanese king and his evil servant always can be second hand on the face,but indeed they are the real ruler of the world.and the world become death hell for their anti-human rules.

he gave chinese king comfortable killing anything power by shandong devils to keep it a death hell in this two thousands years.
after his back to west,he gave germany great evil exps to make western death hell,he gave USSR,and russia the same ones to keep it developing his ability secretly to kill the whole humanity in the cold war process.and he tried to do the same to today's USA. he is controller and real ruler of the evil world .

he and his evil servants tried to be the same apperiances as the worlds' greatest kind kings ,and killing them secretly ,so he can let everyone know that they are all killed by themselvs.

the world he came,enimity and anti-anything abilities is the only things that can be survive, and because of his gathering the all the evil, he must be the abosolute ruler.

this is the satan, king of dark world.we are now at the duty to end him by the healthy power we got form gods'world. no one can be saved by god if he is using the acient devils' dark ability.
Damn....and I thought Scientology was a fun read....this is much better
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