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I offer a new rating’s nomination sort of Global Peace Presidential Index...



I offer a new rating’s nomination sort of Global Peace Presidential Index to be introduced. I bet you the last in the list would be my compatriot president Saakashvili. He’s absolute curse for Georgia (the litany of his crimes against his own people is too long to place it here). Now one more item can be added to it. Saakashvili has practically made Georgia the promised land for all sorts of state criminals and radical rubbish from all over the world. Latest public statement of Saakashvili relating his readiness to grant asylum to ‘unfairly chased’ foreign politicians (read here Timoshenko and Bakiyev) adds moire meat to it. Far as radical elements of all range, there are lots of them here!
I am in the know that prosecutor offices in US and EU countries have taken peculiar interest in both Timoshenko and Bakiyev’s cases. And I wonder why Saakashvili is not in the list.
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