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I have questions about trump, the wall and his latest offer


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Nov 10, 2016
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My first question is that for two years the GOP owned the government, why not build a wall then? It almost seems they were waiting to try and build one until they could get in a fight with the Dems about it, knowing they might lose the House because of the midterms. Did they wait so they could gin up their base with a fight about the wall.
My second question concerns the Trump offer, which is essentially based on Trump's offer to give DACA three years before acting on deportations. How is that any kind of offer when the courts have already stopped any action by Trump and the GOP when it comes to DACA and now the SCOTUS has failed to take it up after the lower court's actions.
I want an end to this shutdown, but I also do not, as most Americans, want us to spend 5 or 25 billion building a wall on the Southern border. Keep the fencing we have in good shape around the population areas and spend what money we need on electronics and manpower. Have more judges available and reduce the backlog of those seeking asylum. I know many out there want to keep our culture as is, but history is against us. Our culture today is not the same as 20 or 40 years ago and it is not going to go backwards to the "good old days" that were not so good for many of our people.
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