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I guess the District Court said enough is enough - Hillary Clinton


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Nov 10, 2016
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Appeals court nixes Hillary Clinton deposition on emails - POLITICO
Just so you know, you can google this and find a similar article by Fox News. A district court made up of Federal Judges placed on this court by three different presidents basically said enough is enough. The email thing is over and should be cosigned to the past. I suspect that it will not end here, but the Judicial Watch, a right wing group will try and get what they want from the SCOTUS as they figure they own the right wingers on the court. But I have to agree with this court, enough is enough. They have nvestigate everything that the Clinton's have done for the past forty years and come up empty. I guess the GOP and right wing hate is so great for the Clinton's, think of how the Trumpsters complain about hate for Trump and it has only been three years, that they will probably still be investigating the Clintons twenty years after they are dead. It is really really PITIFUL
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