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I feel the episode at Guantanamo...



I feel the episode at Guantanamo Bay US military prison was clearly outrageous! The International Committee of the Red Cross said it had trustworthy evidence of multiple occasions of desecration of Quran. As for Newsweek magazine's journalists, I assume they had been merely shut up by US secret agencies! I wonder is that what they call freedom of speech? Don't think that's what common Americans like me wanted to have when voting for democracy! Besides, I'm more than sure that the information on Afghanistan and Iraq published by US newspapers is half-complete and nonobjective. Many times did I read in the Internet that the Pentagon was making fool of us and concealing true number of losses during Iraq War. According to the Pentagon, our losses are about 1,000 dead, but I start to believe it is over 10,000. Damn! This makes us having a second Vietnam! Do they think we will just stomach it? I guess we won't. I think it is time the society to alarm
No, no, no. They used anonymous sources, which shows the article was not at all credible. And if the Pentagon is saying the incorrect numbers-which I highly doubt-it is a good thing they are concealing information on Iraq because we need to finish this war. We need public confidence in the war to remain high so we can finish the job there. Casualties are a result of war. This war is not even comparable to the Vietnam disaster.
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