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I can't believe I just read this

Donkey1499 said:
What's wrong with that? Oh, Mighty Mod of the Right!

Mickey is right on.............

Mod of the right????;)
Donkey1499 said:
cnredd has some phomps under his title. That means republican, does it not?

Not necessarily............
Not the usual conservative mudslinging, my ***.
HTColeman said:
why yes, I think it has shifted

Well, HT, whenever you appear, the earth moves for me. ;)
Navy, you're proving them wrong how? :roll: Wanker.
cnredd said:
Has the Earth shifted on its axis?!?!


LMAO! :rofl
Naughty Nurse said:
Well, HT, whenever you appear, the earth moves for me. ;)

that was a good one, I must admit I had to think about it for a while. yea, but I took a sabbatical, but I'm back, and I'm not liking all the political mudslinging! wtf!
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