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How To Speed Up Connecting To Web Pages

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Mar 27, 2005
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Especially if you have a slow connection, you get tired of seeing the bar slowly creep towards the finish... 20 min AFTER you entered in the URL.

One reason why this is a slow process, is that your computer has to get the DNS (Domain Name Service; www.website.com) and translate it into the IP Address (Example: 111.122.902).

There IS a way to by-pass this, and make the loading a bit faster. (For Windows Users) (ALL WITHOUT QUOTATION MARKS!!!!)

1. go to Start>RUN
2. Type in "CMD", to bring up the CMD black box.
3. now type "ping www.randomwebsitehere.com", you should recieve some lines:; at least one will say "Reply from ##.###.###.###"
4. Right Click on the black screen and select "mark".
5. Highlight the Numbers, and press "Enter".
6. Open up your web browser, and click the URL area.
7. Delete whatever information is already there, and press ctrl+v (pastes the IP number, copied earlier)
8. Now Press "Enter" or click "Go".

*It's helpful to bookmark the IP address, for fast access later.
** This trick can be done with ALL URLs.

Have fun.
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