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House votes to remove oil spill liability cap


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Jun 1, 2006
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House votes to remove oil spill liability cap - CNN.com

Quote(The House of Representatives passed legislation Friday which would lift the current $75 million liability cap for oil spills while imposing new safety standards for offshore drilling.)

They can pass the most draconian measures ever.

None of what they pass matter a damn if they are unwilling to enforce regulations.

We have seen multiple knee jerk reactions to various scenario's where there has been loss of life.

In most of these instances the end result after an investigation is usually put down to a lack of enforcement of regulations.

So, unless & until Regulations are enforced, people will continue to die.
Hmm since it is suppose to hurt BP, then it is a retroactive law no? If so, then I hope the Government goes after Exxon as well, since they have refused to pay full damages so far for their Valdez disaster.
Good. BP needs to be an example.
I don't know what the new cap will be, but hopefully now lawmakers like Joe Barton will shut up about the escrow fund. I honestly didn't give a damn what the laws were at the time... BP should be held fully responsible for what happened and should be expected to pay for the damages. I'm glad to see lawmakers are raising the liability cap.
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