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Sep 21, 2005
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Eagle River, Alaska
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Well, i was listening to the news last night and they were talking about a man, named Ronald Shultz, was captured in Iraq by islamic terrorists. When more detailed was told about him, he lives in the town i do, Eagle River alaska, which is a suburb of Anchorage. I was quite shocked on that a town with 30k people, one of them was captured as a civilian. He went to iraq or somewhere in the middle east back in april and supposibly fell in love with some jordanian woman. He then goes back in the beggining of November to bring this jordanian woman back to alaska. The news states he was on "personal business" which it seams like.

Well, today it was said he was executed after the US did not accept the ransom fee or whatever it was. Now something struck me in my mind about this. Something does not hold up right becuase there has been a lot of mixed communication on why he was their. it was stated that he was a security consultant at one point. Things do not stand to be clear.

If the man has died, it has been a very unfortunate tragedy, especially to his family. But, he should not have been over there as a civilian. Also, what doesnt settle well to me is why he was there. It seams to me that this is a concieved hoax. From what i understand, the group wanted money. There is a slight part of me that thinks Shultz was in on this to help out this jordanian woman's family with money from the US. The news said they could not confirm that he was executed becuase there is no tape or picture of it.

Now dont misunderstand me, but does this seam a little fishy to anyone else? I do not believe it to by true, just something in me thought of this. It is an unfortunate tragedy though!
I hope the people that chop off heads get to know what "having the book thrown at them" means.
I agree that he should not have been over there. It sounded, though, that he was there out of the goodness in his heart. I cannot imagine what his family is going through. Can you imagine someone in your family dying in such a violent way? It would cause me to have nightmares.

My brother was robbed at gunpoint and tied up. I had trouble sleeping for some time after that because I just couldn't imagine my brother in such a vulnerable position. Thank goodness he didn't get killed.
WHat i have read on MSNBC is not as accurate as my local news.. there are conflicting reports that makes this so confusing..
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