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Hitler Versus Putin (1 Viewer)


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Jun 20, 2018
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I think it is about time that we compare Hitler versus Putin, Evidently, neither value(d) the life of others as both committed atrocities against innocent people, targeting them to death in spite of them not being of any threat to anyone.

While we are at it, perhaps it is time to think about how lucky we are that we live in a Democracy that values the life of every individual, gives voice to every individual and that punishes those that don't.

What Putin is doing in Ukraine goes to show how we can never put ourselves in the position of having one man be in charge of our country (not allow autocracy to prosper here) as that means that each of us would be at the mercy of what one man says and does. It should also go to show that we can never allow a man such as Trump to get back into power because short of killing people indiscriminately, Trump showed all the signs of being an autocrat as wanted all the power to be in his hands................and that is the basis of people like Hitler and Putin that were/are in total control and did/do not value the life of anyone.

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