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Hillary Clinton’s strident opposition to the International Criminal Court (1 Viewer)


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Oct 20, 2014
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Hillary Clinton’s strident opposition to the International Criminal Court

Much to the shock and dismay of many of her constituents, Clinton voted in favor of that Republican-sponsored amendment, which was immediately signed into law by President George W. Bush.

Even more disturbingly, this resolution Clinton helped become law also authorizes the president of the United States “to use all means necessary and appropriate to free members of United States military and certain other allied persons if they are detained or imprisoned by an international criminal court.” Given that this presumably includes military force, the bill was quickly dubbed the “Hague Invasion Act.”

Not surprisingly, there was widespread international criticism of the bill, particularly in The Netherlands, where the foreign minister issued a formal protest and the Dutch parliament passed a unanimous resolution raising concerns about the authorization of the use of force, an action which would presumably involve armed confrontation with Dutch soldiers and police guarding the court complex. In addition to violating the UN Charter, such an attack would run counter to the NATO Treaty, to which both the United States and the Netherlands are also party.

The International Criminal Court: The Bane of Criminals Against Humanity since 1945.

Apparently, however, Clinton — who has championed U.S. military intervention in over a dozen countries as a senator and Secretary of State and has spoken at right-wing rallies outside the United Nations protesting the world body — has no problem with that.

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