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Here's the difference...or...the proof is in the pudding.


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Jan 16, 2019
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Yesterday two questions were posed, one for democrats, one for republicans and those who might vote republican. It went something like this.

What three things would you suggest the party platform run on next election? This was posed for the republicans.

For the democrats. If the dems won the presidency what two things would you like to see the dems try to accomplish?

If the dems also won the senate, what three things would you like to see?

Now that might not be exactly word for word but dang close.

The results...the dems had forty something ideas.

R's....zero suggestions.

So it just proves all you socialist lefties are brain dead like the right says and the right is just dead. Period. So flame away my republican counterparts and tell us progressives/liberals how your ideas are better.
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