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Here is how I organize my 3100+ YouTube videos


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Mar 20, 2013
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At a recent political forum a farmer asked us what we would do / suggest. I said to plant more soft fruit and prunes
That broke up the other candidates and the 100+ crowd. The average age here is well over 60 - GeezerVille

Before; If the videos weren't on the first page or Two, I'd seldom see them

That's changing right now...

I'm cataloging all of them. 1/2 are done; see the list below.


Now it's easy to randomly select videos from this list and change my web site daily with 5 new / different ones.
Spectate Swamp
My Site won't bore People with the same old videos time and again. If your site doesn't change; visitors quit coming back.

When the list is complete I'll add some more context / details for each video

Video trumps audio and pictures. It just does.
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