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Hello from a Newcomer


Nov 11, 2018
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Hello there.

I just happened upon this forum through a Google search for a forum in which to discuss politics. This forum has an interface that is very easy on the eyes; those who were involved in the programming, formatting, and markup of this forum should give themselves the proverbial pat on the back for a job well done. Looking for political forums, I did not want to participate in one that was too ideologically slanted either to the left or right. Thus Free Republic and Daily Kos were simply out of the question. I somewhat use the New York Times comment section, but I absolutely do not like that they prescreen incoming comments for "civility." This civility filter, I find, is more like a euphemistic filter to drown out conservative and moderate voices, the majority of their commentators being extremely liberal. I find that incivility against conservatives and moderate somehow pass the "civility" filter. That said, I surely do enjoy the fact that this forum does not prescreen comments, and I hope that the moderators of this forum will be prudent. We'll see. Anyway, glad I'm hear. Can't wait to engage in politics with you all! :)
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