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Truth Was Born Naked

On the night of August 23, 2005 I was sitting in my kitchen and the thoughts of life, the world, and the human psyche, were grinding my mind. I was unable to find the words that I could write down. Has the world, can the world, and will the world, ever learn how to, not add and multiply, but divide? A few feet away from where I was sitting my eyes began to climb steps, the steps which led me to my bed. My night commenced without a dream, without the usual gifted words. It was just the cold dew that covered my forehead and my face. I stepped down from my bed and I looked out through the window at the deep dark night, a night which pleased my eyes and my mind. However, I was still unable to find the words for which I was searching. Instead, I saw an ostrich, kicking a huge, circular object.
Anything that grows, must grow from the roots, and it has two ends, its beginning and its end. So does HATE, which is not ripe and which did not yet end. TRUTH was born naked, the same way that we were born naked. For some reason we are covering our bodies, our truth, with clothes, but we cannot live without the truth for too long. We must touch our truth, we like to touch our truth, and we have the need to have our truth touched.
To please our bodies and our minds we remove our clothes, over and over again. We cannot live without the truth. Big wide world, you have taken, and you are still taking big steps to reach the truth with your long hands, but I am uncertain, if you can reach the truth with your mind, which has been covered with money and fancy clothes. TRUTH is old and it was born naked. It is as beautiful as a naked woman. World, don’t be ashamed, don’t be shy. Can you reveal the naked truth to those who are poor and unfortunate not to have ever sampled its taste or seen what truth is.
Who is LIE and what is HATE? LIE is also old and it was born before HATE. LIE and HATE are very old, close friends. LIE has many categories, but, for different reasons, there is only one HATE. If there is anyone who is unfamiliar with how LIE looks, picture a needle with a sharp point. It has an eye behind which it is pulling a piece of thread. Similarly, LIE is also pulling the knotted roots behind that one eye. The tips of the roots, which are covered with heavy winter clothes, the numerous lies, must be touched upon. World, our tips of the roots are extremely dry and thirsty, just like the wilted grass, the green plants and various small and large trees. They are waiting for some pure raindrops, the same way our roots are waiting for one truth. World, can we unite and help the next spring to bloom and blossom and continue this, spring after spring. If we are unable to help, the forest will suffer, and it will not be able to survive without the truth.
Who is HATE? HATE is no different than RUST. HATE IS RUST. It eats and destroys only what was created by human mind and human hands, but mostly, it destroys what was created by the human mind. There is not much that can be said or written about HATE. LIE and HATE have no predators. They are our creation, a horrible, long lasting, self-destructive disease. There are only a few steps that can be taken to help this world of ours, steps which originate with truth, love, respect and the education life itself offers. There are no other powers or words which can help any of us for too long. There are no other means which can sustain this world. We must all learn and know the same methods a good farmer needs to know. He must have the knowledge of how to pull a few weeds on time, before the weeds spread their roots, and before they grow seeds, and so do we. It is very sad that we are destroying the harvest and the weeds, the innocent children, women and men, at the same time, and with one hand. In many ways, we are destroying our own freedom and this world.
Our world today, may not have the realization how far we are from that forked road, even though nature, God’s creation, has been badly wounded, and despite its suffering, it’s still extending a hand to us as it is crying out, “My children hold my hand. I will help you, as I have already helped bring you into this world. I am your teacher, leader and healer, above all other teachers, healers and leaders. Please follow me and hold my hand.”
When I look at the bright days and the deep dark nights, I am able to see, with my eyes wide open and shut, a beautiful long road with its bright shadow hanging underneath the one truth. The road is a long road and it is wide open. As we continue to walk down this same road, adding and multiplying, not dividing, will continue to take place and exist. War and disarray, like a pure fertilizer, will help HATE to grow and spread throughout this world like a weed. It is a road that doesn’t offer us too many surprises, but rather, it is filled with many unpleasant truths. On this road, you can find a three legged, uneven table. One of those legs is much longer than the rest, but it doesn’t really matter, because truth, just like the drops of olive oil, will still trickle off the table very smoothly. Creations, enabled by human power, will be the first to cross the road. How long is the road? Philosophy of life can still make the sharp turn.
Our world has lost someone we will greatly miss, a great teacher, healer and leader, and simply a good human being. That someone is Pope John Paul the II. It is a beauty, that what he did for himself he took with him. What he did for others, he left with us, and it should live on forever. It is a long road with a bright shadow, which is hanging underneath the one truth. Pope John Paul the II’s philosophy of life reached its highest peak, of its highest hill that truth can possibly reach. He could have told us more, but to please one truth, and to please us all, he told us just enough. How beautiful and how healthy it could be, if our world could unite and exclaim, “Our God.” What we did for others, should live on forever, and we should be able to tell our children, “Take it! This beautiful healthy world is yours.”
Truth was born naked and it is beautiful. How sad it is, and how sad I am, to sit at my kitchen table and be unable to find the right words. The word RICH is still unable to express to the word POOR how beautiful it is.
Radenko Fanuka
Some Of Your Metaphors Were A Little Too Deep, But It's Well Written. The Pope's Public Image Was Pretty Good, But The Church's Public Image Is Hurting Badly.
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