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Handcuffed Ex-Head of State Extradited to NYC in Sweeping Federal Trafficking Case


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Jun 20, 2018
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The Justice Department accused the former Honduras president of getting millions of dollars in a violent drug trafficking operation that shipped 500 tons of cocaine from Venezuela and Colombia to the U.S. through Honduras​

I don't believe that any of you will start waking up finally, but I have spoken about this issue until I am blue in the face. Many have said, yeah, gangs are everywhere....but asylum is when the government is the criminal actors or fails to protect you from said criminal actors. In this case, they are the criminal actors.....and still are. The president in charge now...Madame president Castro is the wife of Manuel Zelaya. Their son and his brother are also accused of drug trafficking and Zelaya's father was deeply involved in death squad activity in the 70s and 80s. We go round and round and round and nothing ever changes. I am glad my family is here now. I am glad the judge listened. I have cried so many bitter tears, so many nights, it felt like no one was listening to me....and finally, someone is starting to listen.

Here is what I wrote after my brother-in-law was murdered I wrote this in my moment of grief after that fateful day Sept 30, 2014. When nothing exists between Guatemala and Nicaragua except a pool of blood is when they will stop killing.

Rarely do I sleep entirely through a night without waking multiple times, having nightmares...walking down the street only recently have I started to feel like someone wasn't going to come up behind us and kill us all, even in the US. It is hard to explain what that is like and why asylum for Hondurans has always been a legitimate claim...no, not all, but many, yes. My brother-in-law was murdered by a Honduran death squad (fully uniformed police and plain-clothed military) all because he was a security guard in our neighborhood.

This is the last place I saw my brother-in-law, just two days after his son turned 3 years old. My heart is broken and aches for justice, but I don't believe it will ever occur.


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